Don Moore, Fairview Tire, has a family-owned business in Burlington, Ontario, where he is well-known for his community involvement and providing an excellent value to his customers for tires and mechanical services.

His best technician had great skills, but his personality was a roller coaster ride: upbeat one day and “down in the dumps” the next. His attitude was bringing down Don’s team, but everyone knows how tough it is to find certified A-techs in today’s competitive world. One day, Don was pushed to make a decision. One of his good techs was going to leave because of the other tech’s mood swings.

Don’s dilemma was one that tire dealers face constantly: Do you risk losing your entire team because of one bad apple? “I put the guy on leave, and he was gone. I was astonished at the outcome. It made an immediate positive impact on my business. All of my concerns were diminished — productivity increased, everyone started helping one another, the shop mood changed. The best outcome was that I didn’t replace the tech and others picked up the work. My payroll came down, my profits increased, and my shop is a happier place to work.” Read More