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With over 80 years of field, operational, and executive experience, Cardinal Brokers has the expertise and solutions to work WITH you to find the path back to profit, process, and efficiency.

Financial, Performance, & Coaching Options to fit your business and find solutions

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Complimentary Shop Financial Review

Complimentary Financial Review

Our commitment is that we will tell you the truth.  If we can help improve or rescue your business we will outline the steps necessary.  If we cannot assist for some reason, we will let you know that as well.  We pride ourselves in putting integrity first.

This is what we offer for free: our Shop Financial Review, which includes

  • Determine opportunities and potential of the shop from a financial perspective

  • Explain the reasoning and decisions behind the analysis

  • Target areas of your shop where there’s room for growth or improvement

This is what we offer for our paid services in our Shop Financial Review, which includes

  • Give you professional recommendations to help you reach your shop’s goals

  • Commit to a store visit of 3-5 days

  • e-conferencing over a span of a few weeks to support, educate, and monitor progress

  • Listen to your challenges, and put your needs above all else

Regardless of whether or not we can provide the right solution for your shop, we’ll make sure that you walk away from your Shop Financial Review with the understanding that you don’t have to do it all alone, and have much more confidence in your shop’s path to success.  We are here for you, we are here for the industry.

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