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Did you see our ad in Modern Tire Dealer?  Do you have questions about selling your tire and automotive business?  We are here to make sure when selling your business you get the right price for your life’s work.  Contact us and let us know what you need!

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We offer full brokering services with a focus on the tire, service, and automotive related industries. Our partners have over 40 years of combined experience working in the tire & automotive service industry at nearly every level of the business and have successfully represented sellers and buyers in over 50 transactions in recent years. 

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Why Use Cardinal Brokers?

Today’s tire & automotive service environment is one of change.  Our partners understand the modern day-to-day challenges of operating a successful business in this industry.  While it can be a very profitable business, the challenges are growing in number and complexity.

There is massive consolidation at the distribution level as well as at the store level.  This consolidation has pushed EBITDA to very attractive levels for small & mid-sized business owners.  The talent gap in sales and technical skills is also creating an environment where the timing for business owners is just right, so they can retire comfortably or pursue other business opportunities and leave their stores in capable hands.

Cardinal Brokers is best positioned, through it’s unique experience, expertise, and processes to present and sell your business at the price you want,  time frame you want, and the confidence and confidentiality you need to make it all happen

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