Selling Your Business

At Cardinal Brokers, our partners understand the day-to-day rewards and challenges of operating a business in this industry. We also appreciate the gut wrenching and hours of sober discussions that go into the decision to sell your business.

We work hard to understand every client’s strategic and financial objectives to create the best plan to deliver success.

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Our Process

Understanding the sellers objectives and need for Price, Speed, Certainty, and Confidentially guides our process

    • Price – To maximize the sale price for our clients
    • Speed – We know once a decision to sell is made, quickly getting to a suitable transaction is paramount
    • Certainty – We leverage a deep industry connections to find our clients the most suitable buyer. We work only with serious buyers.
    • Confidentiality – Privacy in selling your business is critical to your trust in us, and the success of the sale

Valuation & Assessment

Often cited by our clients as a major strength is our proven transaction process. This process expedites the sales process, eliminates surprises, and makes both the buyer and seller happy. We explain every step from the first planning meeting, to confidentiality documents, contact with buyers and sellers, to presenting the businesses, letters of intent, and closing steps.

Planning & Preparation

We believe that the most important step is planning and preparation as the hard work that goes into this makes the rest of the process go smoothly and as quickly as possible. We spend considerable time and resources getting to know the business, the owner’s expected outcomes, the market, and potential interested buyers.

Marketing the Business

The next step is marketing the business. This is all about having a deep understanding of the buyer side of the equation. We know who currently operates in your market and who is interested in expanding. We work closely with strategic and regional buyers, as well as entrepreneurs to find the most suitable buyer that meets the seller’s goals.

The Deal

Once the suitable buyers are identified and the key terms are agreed upon including the purchase price, balance sheet requirements (example. Minimum inventory values), escrow amount and period, indemnification requirements, lease terms, non-competes, and any other contingencies.

This is also the step where a letter of intent is signed.

Due Diligence & Contract Negotiation

In the due diligence step, we work with both the seller and buyer to ensure all requested information is compiled and provided to buyers to support their purchase decision and key dates are established and met. This includes any legal, organizational, or employee relations issues.

We also work with the seller’s and buyer’s attorney to finalize the contract negotiations. Given our extensive buy-side and sell-side experience we often assist in making contract terms applicable to your business and the industry.

In addition, if you own the land we will help you on structuring the real estate leases or sale associated with your business


We work extremely hard to ensure, through the other steps, that the close is a smooth process with zero surprises. We have found the above process works very well when approached in a disciplined manner. And since our compensation is tied to a percentage of the transaction value, our interests are very much aligned with those of the seller.

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