Productivity vs Tension.

There is a methodology to balancing tension and stress.  Some tension is productive.  It creates motivation and therefore productivity.  Stress drains it.  2020 was a good case study on the two.


It is safe to say that 2020 was a stressful year. Nearly every facet of your business was pushed to the limit, and while 2021 seems to be shaping up as an improvement over last year, the first half is not without its challenges.

With the unresolved weight of 2020 still on our backs and an uneven beginning to this year expected, it is important to remember that everyone who works in your store is dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety.

There is still the risk of COVID-19 hitting your store and employees.  There’s still all the frightening complications that can potentially follow.

Working in retail tire and automotive was never a nirvana of tranquility, but the stress of these last 12 months has put even the most serene people on the brink.

This month, I would like to speak about a topic that is a well-known concept in and around most businesses and management schools. The diagram above represents what happens to employee productivity as tension in stores increases.

Many managers believe the old maxim that “happy workers make the best workers” and that is just untrue. Happy workers are content. They are OK with the status quo. And that kind of thinking is catastrophic to productivity.

Workers need a compelling reason to produce for someone – or something – else.  It could be an outside reason, like the threat of being replaced by a better worker or the possibility of a store closing because it is losing money.

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Productivity Versus Tension: Find Your Relief Valve – And Use It | 2021-02-04 | Modern Tire Dealer