Selecting and Retaining Good Employees


Most independent tire dealers get into the tire and automotive service business because they enjoy fixing vehicles or selling things. Many probably started working for a larger chain or their father/mother/grandparents and got pretty good at fixing and selling, so they thought, “I’d like to be my own boss doing this.”  And they scraped together enough cash, took on enormous debt, and hung their shingle outside.

As their customer base grew, they found they needed help, and they set out to hire the best service techs and salespeople their town had to offer. As business grew, they spent less time doing the things they originally loved and more time managing the “HR” side of the equation. Like other independent dealers who have more than five employees and three bays, they quickly discovered that the “HR” side consumed a great portion of their week.

Handling personnel issues is not glitzy, glamorous, or exciting. It certainly doesn’t result in the rush of adrenaline that a good sale or a successful mechanical diagnosis generates. Some find human resources to be repetitive, and even boring. But knowing how to manage the HR function properly is critical. Let’s look at four major HR areas, which I will call “buckets.”

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How to Catch (and Retain) Great Employees | 2019-10-29 | Modern Tire Dealer