Grow & Learn to Trust Your Employees.  I know it’s hard to do.  But it’s really important for your business and your own sanity.


As owners, most started out in the business learning the ropes from either their mom and dad, granddad, or a larger tire industry corporation. Then they bought the business from family or struck out on their own. It is usually a small shop, and the owner spends the first few months being CEO, janitor, part time mechanic, head of HR, and every other job there is to do.

After a few years of not collecting a paycheck, the business starts to make some money. And then it starts to grow. Hire a few techs, a few sales people, and some office personnel. The thing is, the owner many times still continues to dabble in all the work instead of managing it. This presents a problem. The owner becomes the de facto source for solving all the shop’s problems. And once the store hits about a million in sales, this puts an ungodly amount of pressure on the owner to be everywhere, at all times. It’s an impossible scenario. Can’t take a day off, can’t take a vacation, can’t catch a break.

What’s missing? Well, for a short column, we can boil it down to two major areas.

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To Grow Your Business, Learn to Trust Your Employees | 2018-10-09 | Modern Tire Dealer