The Wage & Hour arm of the federal government view the tire & automotive industry as an easy target.  Learn to make sure your shop isn’t a mark.


April 2018: $342,926 back wages paid to employees from a Midwest auto chain. April 2018: $306,000 back wages paid to employees in a New York auto shop. April 2018: $174,400 back wages paid to employees in a California body shop. July 2018: $76,000 back wages paid to employees, plus a $14,160 civil penalty assessed in Alaska. July 2018: $51,506 back wages paid in Kentucky to auto shop employees.

I only have so much space to write this column, so I can’t list every single violation, but in two months’ worth of work, the federal government has disciplined the tire and automotive industry alone by nearly $1 million. Make no mistake about it, there are targets on our backs as the government feels this industry is an easy place to generate revenue. And, sadly, they are right.

This isn’t some witch-hunt the government is cooking up by twisting the facts to get the result they want. This is right in their face, silver platter, “Thank you, sir. May I have another?” bona fide easy pickin’s. And it is all so easily fixable, and the right thing to do.

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Wage and Hour: Is There a Target on Your Back? | 2018-09-20 | Modern Tire Dealer