“When it comes to selling your business one thing is for sure, you cannot do it alone.  Or, at least you should not.  If you are like me, your business is your baby.  You have put in countless hours of blood sweat and tears.  That means when it comes to selling it, you will get emotional about it.  Your broker becomes more than your spokesperson for your business, they are your confidant, your adviser and your best friend.

If you are looking to sell your automotive business, you need Cardinal Brokers.  Your broker needs to not only know the current market to sell you locations but also have the connections with buyers to make it happen.  Norm Gaither was able to sell our locations within 5 months and at a number we were pleased with.  He was there every step of the way and at any time of the day you needed him.  His knowledge, professionalism and confident manner, made all the difference in the world.   I highly recommend Cardinal Brokers and Norman Gaither.”