Setting your prices correctly: How to know when it’s past time to increase your prices.  Helpful tips to improve your customer expectations.


This industry is in full-blown transition mode. The talent, the landscape, even the customer base are changing. We are at a critical juncture where the industry needs to decide if it is going to devote time and effort toward the “do it for me at a fair price” customer or pander to the “do it for me at DIY prices” group.

Now is the time to prove to the customers you currently service that your place of business is THE place of business. It’s time to separate yourself from the hanger-on customers (those who cost you money) and the base of loyal customers who pay your bills. If you are frustrated with your customer’s price focus or “always wanting a deal” type of mentality, I have some shocking news for you.

It’s because your prices are too low.

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How to Know When Your Prices Are Too Low | 2019-10-08 | Modern Tire Dealer