Managing your time:

Time vampires aren’t out for blood, they are out for your attention and time.  There is only so much time in the day, and leaders must learn the best strategies to be efficient with their own time.  Start with learning about the right way to deal with time vampires and managing your time.


You start your day off coming into work early, like you usually do. This is a critical time, as you are often by yourself and you can think in peace and quiet about your day, your week, and maybe your month.  Any book on leadership or managerial qualities will emphasize the importance of quiet solitude in the morning.

If you feel your day never starts off right, you should increase your store arrival time by an additional 15 minutes until you feel your days are under better control. “Crazy” days are most often those days when we didn’t have enough time to think and plan in the morning.

There is another thief of your productivity. I call them time vampires. They pop up out of the shadows and steal minutes off the clock. At the end of the day, after dealing with time vampires, you are nowhere near finished. So how to do you stop these modern-day “Draculas” and start getting things done?

First, we need to identify what time vampires really are. There are two kinds: task vampires and emotional vampires. Both are powerful. And the extent of how they affect the small business owner or manager can vary, depending on each individual situation.

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Task Vampires and Emotional Vampires: Slaying Productivity-Draining Monsters | 2019-12-13 | Modern Tire Dealer